We have a team of lawyers specialized in the tax, administrative, civil and labor areas, as well as certified accountants in the public and private spheres. We provide advice and legal representation in the following areas:

Fiscal and administrative defense

Companies are constantly subject to fines and penalties; At KN we offer the solution, implementing successful litigation strategies
  • Nullity trials before the Federal Court of Administrative Justice
  • Constituional protection trials in tax and administrative matters
  • Challenge of administrative responsibilities of public servants
  • Legal defense against sanctions, fines and acts of authority issued by fiscal and administrative bodies, such as:

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  • Tax credits resulting from fines and SAT audits
  • Customs or CEVCE foreign trade acts
  • Tax credits and determination of the IMSS risk premium
  • INFONAVIT tax credits, embargoes and immobilization of bank accounts
  • PROFEPA fines and penalties
  • Federal Police road fines
  • Acts of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation
  • Sanctions imposed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security
  • Tax credits and sanctions from the National Water Commission
  • Acts of the Ministry of Finance of the State of Sonora
  • Seizures and tax credits for property tax issued by the Municipal Treasuries
  • CFE fines and adjustments


We have a team specialized in labor defense, which represents the employer sector with commitment and responsibility, guaranteeing results
  • Legal advice and representation in liquidation or dismissal of workers
  • Preparation and conclusion of collective and individual work contracts
  • Resolución de conflictos colectivos o demandas individuales de trabajo en contra de la empresa o cliente
  • Legal representation against unions
  • Advice on instrumentation and registration of internal work regulations


Accounting Advice

We design strategic plans that ensure the financial growth of our clients, fully complying with tax obligations
  • Calculation and presentation of provisional and annual declarations of individuals and legal entities, as well as informative declarations
  • Monthly payment of 2% for ISRTP
  • SUA and IDSE management
  • Directed advice in audit procedures or home and cabinet visits
  • Annual declaration of the work risk premium
  • Accounting and financial analysis and diagnosis
  • Processing of returns and compensations

Civil and Commercial

In civil and commercial matters we protect the rights of our clients, representing them before the federal courts and the common sphere
  • Executive and ordinary trials
  • Foreclosure
  • Debt recovery
  • Breach of contracts
  • Declarative judgments of property
  • Asistencia jurídica familiar
  • Family legal assistance

Notary and government management

In order to guarantee the corporate and financial development of our clients, we carry out notarial and administrative procedures before various public entities
  • Real estate appraisals
  • Trust projects
  • Notarial management of any kind of act
  • Procedures before the National Institute of Migration
  • Concessions and consents
  • Management of federal fund resources before various secretariats of the Executive Power